Thursday, July 21, 2022

Harwood Staff Blog Update July 25, 2022

 Team -

We hope you are all enjoying the summer and the flexibility and fun that comes with it.

There is no obligation to read this Mid-Summer Blog - but for those ready for some information for the 22-23’ school year we wanted to ensure it was available.

The week after inservice the CORE team (Laurie, Meg, Duane, Melody, Jess and Erin) met to continue the planning for this coming  year.  Much time was spent coming together as a team (something COVID had made challenging to prioritize.  Additionally, our time was used to solidify our Benchmarks and Action steps to drive our goals for this coming year.  You can check out that work here.  

Starting this Spring and into this summer we have also been hard at work to clearly articulate responsibilities of all the Administrators, Student Support and the Teaching & Learning Coordinator in order to ensure clarity and transparency for all.  

  • Division of Principal responsibilities can be found here.

  • Division of Student Support responsibilities can be found here - including Assistant Principal & Director of Student Support.  

  • Responsibilities of Teaching & Learning coordinator can be found here.

We are grateful to continue our work together post COVID protocols and are eager to start digging into the fun work together as a Harwood Community.

Continue to enjoy the summer,

Meg, Laurie and Duane  


  • Staff meetings for 22-23’ will be Tuesday’s from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

  • August 22nd - New Staff Training

  • August 23rd - 25th - Start of Year Inservice 

    • Tuesday 8/23, full day for Support staff  

    • Wednesday 8/24 half day for Support staff  

  • August 25th - TA conferences 

  • August 29th - Smart Start - 7th/9th graders 

  • August 30th - First day of school for ALL students

2022-2023 School year calendar 

Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:



Administrative Evaluation takeaways

Thank you to those who filled out the Administrative Evaluation form.  We have spent time reviewing the feedback, processing the takeaways and considering the next steps (as we hope you see reflected in this blog and our action steps.)

Big Takeaways and Needs:

  1. Continued work to foster trust and collaboration that is clear, genuine and professional.   

  2. More whole staff time to meet, provide feedback and collaborate

  3. Continued increased follow up & communication 

  4. Clarity of roles & responsibilities that reflect a divide and conquer approach 

Start of Year TA conferences 

When:  08/25 7:45 - 3:30 

Where: Your classrooms - ideally in person but via zoom if necessary


  • Conferences will run 20 minutes for each TA.

  • Communication is going out to families to schedule these conferences via Canyon Creek

*Please note this is the only  day designated for conferences.  Faculty are not expected to hold these meetings on other days.  

Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



22-23’ Bell 


Please find the Bell schedule here for both HUMS & HUHS

8/29 and 8/30 schedule 

*Please note TA time on 8/30 includes assembly and block 7 is also 5 min. shorter - it was the best we could do so thank you for your understanding)

DRAFT start of year Inservice Schedule 

Please find the Start of Year Inservice schedule here.  This is currently in DRAFT form as we continue to finalize it based on feedback from Department heads and Collective & CORE Team meetings in early August.  

Positive school climate and culture:



FY 23’ Hiring Update

We are excited to welcome the following staff to HUMHS:

  • Andrea Knepper - 8th grade Math teacher

  • Mary Galente - Hallway Monitor

  • Colin McClung - Library Assistant 

  • Alison Crocker - Science teacher

  • Christina Ehrenreich - Social Worker 

  • Kayla Ball - Student Support Interventionist 

  • Stephen Annino - Special Educator 

  • Randy Sweeney - School Counselor

  • Laura Baker - SLPA

The following staff members will be in new roles next year:

  • Sklylar Bradley - Restorative Practices Coordinator

  • Eric Bloom - Student Support Interventionist 

  • Katelyn Bouffard - Special Educator (MS Math)

  • Elizabeth Managan - .3 Special Educator 

Please note -

  • We have a new Driver’s Education Program due to the hiring crisis across Vermont.  As such, Harwood is contracting with a Private Driver’s Education school. 

  • We no longer have a designated Director of School Counseling; responsibilities have been deligated across the department by the team.

  • We are still hiring for a:

    • Special Educator

    • Nurse

    • Speech and Language Pathologist

    • Para Educators

    • Custodian

    • Cafeteria staff member

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Harwood Staff Blog Update - June 2, 2022

Team -

While the beauty and positivity of Harwood Spirit soared last week - the tragedy in Ulveda, Texas weighed heavily on our hearts and minds.  

As we all know, we are responsible for student’s safety when they are at Harwood.  The following is what we can do each day in order to facilitate our safety:      

  1. Wear our badge visibly

  2. Keep all external doors firmly shut and locked.  

  3. Only use doorways that open with our name badge

  4. If you see someone you don’t know - ask questions of that person and bring them to the front office.

Please know, as we look to next year we are prioritizing ongoing training and continued review of our safety protocols as we hopefully put the COVID protocols behind us.  

*Access to the building during weekends is possible during regular school hours - (8-4)  is fine - NOTE: The building is alarmed outside of this window

We’re almost there - 5.5 days left.  

With gratitude,

Meg, Laurie and Duane 


  • June 7th - 11 - 11:50 - Pride Month Assembly

  • June 9th - 

    • Final Assembly 2:25-3:20

    • Sr. grades due 

  • June 10th - Last day of school for students & support staff 

*12:30 dismissal time

  • June 11th - 10 - 12 p.m. - Graduation 

  • June 13th & 14th - Inservice days for teaching staff

  • June 14th - Grades for 9th - 11th due at noon


Gold day


Black day

Pride Assembly 11-11:50


ELOs (high school)


Gold day 

8:40-9:00     TA

9:05-10:10   block 1

10:15-11:20 block 2

11:25-1:10   block 3/lunch

1:15-2:20     block 4

2:25-3:20    final assembly


Black day / half day

8:40-9:00     TA

9:05-10:10   block 5

10:15-11:20 block 6

11:25-12:30 block 7

Please note - there is NO parking out front next Friday 06/10.


Staff Member


Ellen Berrings

For all your coordination around Step Up Day for our rising 9th graders

Wendy Moore, Jon Potts, and Sarah Ibson

For taking the lead in coordinating middle school step-up day and a new looping model

Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



Staff Meeting 

Objectives: To identify next steps with our Learning Expectations and elicit feedback from staff.   

Where:  Cafeteria

When:  7:40 a.m.

Staff Meeting Calendar 

End-of-Year Course Info


See Jess Deane!

We’re almost there! Here’s how to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s over the next week and a half…

Flex Block - You will give each student a final, summative score on 10.02 on your pink sheet (as well as including any other summative scores on other indicators). These sheets need to be turned in by the end of the day Monday, June 13th (this is different from what it says on the actual sheet). Want to get ahead of things? You can turn this sheet in anytime - get it done today and check it off your list! 

Finalizing Courses - Here is a slideshow with instructions/checks to make sure that course scores are finalized and comments are updated. Please read through the entire slideshow carefully and, as always, be in touch with any questions. I'm happy to meet on a 1:1 basis if you need any help! 

All updates in JumpRope, as well as turning a printed copy of your grades to school counseling, must be completed by noon on Tuesday June 14th.

Please find the End of year Inservice Schedule here.

Positive school climate and culture:



Faculty Meetings Next year

In order to support us in coming together as a full staff on a weekly basis we are changing our weekly staff meeting time!

Please note - next year faculty meetings will be held Tuesday from 3:30 - 4:30

Administrator Evaluation 

Feedback and reflection from this year can only strengthen us as we look to next year.  

Please take 20 minutes to complete this survey for the administrators at Harwood.

We will also allot time during staff meetings on 06/07.  

FY 23’ Hiring Update

This week:

  • Special Educator hired!

  • Eric Bloom will be staying on at Harwood next year as our 3rd Student Support Interventionist

  • Alison Crocker will be replacing Alex Rawson in his high school science position