Thursday, January 13, 2022

Staff Blog Update- January 13, 2022

Team -

And now is “sometime”!

We want to reiterate that you not only have permission but are highly encouraged to:

  • Slow down the pace of your curriculum 

  • Prioritize tasks being assigned

  • Excuse students (quarantining) from tasks when possible

With ongoing care & appreciation,

Meg, Laurie and Duane 



Staff Member


Becky Busker

For her dedication to supporting one of our students during Nordic Skiing Meets

Kirsten Hubble

For assisting one of our students with Nordic Skiing Practice

Laura Wedel 

For your creative, engaging lessons. 

Kevin Quigley

For looking to the positive in all his students

Kate Strauss

For carrying the torch of Harkness at Harwood and fostering amazing skills - such as using evidence to support your point & student facilitated learning.  

Brian Moody 

For thinking outside the box and being creative in how we can best support our students

Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:



1/17 Inservice Agenda

Will be Virtual - but the school will be open for those that wish to work in the building.

Please find the agenda here.  

COVID guidance Update

Clarity around next steps will be shared tomorrow based on Tuesday’s press conference.  

When taking breaks please…

ensure students are NOT left unsupervised.  

Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



We are conscious of the impact these trying times are having on everyone.  To that end, we are working to alleviate any additional stress by balancing our presence in the building vs. presence in classrooms.

Please know our bright spots always include observing or engaging in instruction - so please never hesitate to invite us in.

504 Coordinator Update/Next Steps

Teachers can expect to hear from Allie early next week, regarding particular students who are now on her caseload. Next week, Allie will begin meeting with students to get to know them and begin collaboration with the teams.

Allie’s office is located in the school guidance area, with Melody, Ellen, Rachel, Jen, and the school counselors.

Welcome aboard, Allie!

End-Of-Semester Updates

(from Jess Deane)

As semester 1/quarter 2 comes to a close, stay tuned for a detailed email and spreadsheet from me tomorrow.

Flex Block - You will give each student a final, summative score on 10.02 on your pink sheet (as well as including any other summative scores on other indicators). These sheets need to be turned in by the end of the day Tuesday January 18th.

Staff Meeting 


ObjectiveTo identify the plan for TA during the next month.

Please stand by for a zoom link from your TA lead.

Staff Meeting Calendar 

Attendance Updates!!

You will notice some new codes/uses added to the attendance procedure beginning Semester 2:

  • Teacher use of TU (tardy unexcused) and TE (tardy excused).  Please DO NOT use these for TA (as a reminder, this becomes the daily attendance and is updated by the front office) but you now have access to both these codes to use during any class time.  As always, comments and log entries expedite any communication.  This means you DO NOT need to turn in any blue slips used during the day.

  • UXP  (Unexcused Absence - Parent Validated) - This new code will be used to differentiate an unexcused absence that a parent has “called in” from UX when we don’t know why the student is missing from class.

  • D (dismissal) - This is not a new code but has not been used this year.  It will be pre-coded in a class from which a student will be dismissed.  After TA is completed, it will also be added to TA as a daily attendance code.

The Aspirations Partnership is going strong- with lots of great work being done by the Steering Committee to look at data and examine how we support students in post-high school planning.  If you are interested in learning more or getting involved talk with VSAC Ellen or any of the Steering Committee members (Rachael, Sally, Maggie, Tara, Brian, Meg or Laurie)

The Aspirations Student Advisory Board has created a survey for parents and guardians to gauge their interest and needs on supporting their students in post-high school planning.  If you’d like to learn more talk to Elaine Pan, Chloe Joslin, Tina Pan and Grant McCracken.  

Positive school climate and culture:



Community Service Update

Please continue to log behaviors and class cuts: each class cut (leaving without permission or out for more than 10min) will result in 1hour of community service or after school detention.

The student support team is following up with students/caregivers when we receive these logs. If you are subbing for a class that is not yours, please email HU Support Team with the log and we will input it into PowerSchool for you. Thank you to all who continue to communicate and partner with us in holding students accountable.

Academic Eligibility - Co Curricular

Melody/Jon/Chris are working on the details for academic eligibility and following up with student athletes who are at risk of not being eligible for athletics. If you have a student who lands on that list, and meets the criteria, be on the lookout for emails relating to next steps. Please note - the emails will start with just the TA/school counselor but follow up will include individual teachers whose class is impacted. More details and explanation to come. 


It is time to reflect back on the first semester! Here is a simple process to guide students to reflect on what has occurred and think forward about their hopes for the remainder of the year:

Looking Back/Looking Forward

Pose the following questions and provide time for each student to respond (passing is allowed of course!)

  1. Think back on the past semester. 

    1. What were some positive experiences that you had during this time? 

    2. What impact did those experiences have on you? Consider learning experiences as well as general life experiences. 

  2. What were some negative experiences? What impact did those negative experiences have on you? 

  3. What pieces of advice do you have for me, yourself or your peers to benefit from the positive experiences and improve on the negative?

Feel free to document the conversation on a flip chart or offer students opportunities to write or illustrate reflections. 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Harwood Staff Update - January 6, 2021

Team -

As we navigate this moment in time we want to continue to provide clarity and transparency.  With that in mind - 

  • Please take time to review the updated Q&A here.

  • Teaching staff - please let other adults in your classroom know if someone in your class has been contact traced (i.e. you have been asked for a seating chart or had one returned to your mailbox.) 

  • Remember that close contact is considered: being less than 6 ft. for more than 15 minutes.  

  • Please note we are NOT considering any adults in the classrooms close contact because we are using seating charts solely.

With that in mind - we want to encourage all staff to consider and act individually based on your comfort level as you circulate and work with students.   

In ongoing partnership,

Meg, Laurie and Duane 



*Please note - the first week of 1/17 will be a 4 day week without an ELO day. 


Staff Member


ALL staff 

For your words of encouragement and empathy during this contact tracing heaviness.


For continuing to add new skills to her repertoire and joining the contact tracing team!

Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:



Friendly reminder

If you are working with a student 1-1 please do so in a public place.

Additionally - please either:

  • limit to less than 15 min. 

  • remain 6 ft. apart

  • meet via zoom

Seating Charts 

Please put your seating charts in your mailbox each Friday before you leave.


Due to the challenges of scheduling and contact tracing on ELO Wednesday in the current COVID reality, next Wednesday 1/12 will run as a 7-block day with full classes (still in the order of 1, 2, 5, 6, 3, 4, 7). 

As it is the last Wednesday of the semester, you are encouraged to still use this as “ELO” time with your classes - time to follow up on work, complete assignments, revise, etc. 

If you usually host a bonus option on Wednesdays, we may be connecting with you about offering a space for seniors with UpTime. Thank you for your flexibility - please reach out to Jess Deane if you foresee any challenges with this plan.

Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



Staff Meeting 


ObjectiveTo identify expectations for ELO for the start of semester 2

8 a.m. (link in fac/staff calendar as well)

Join Zoom Meeting

ID: 87866116737

Passcode: J6E0hd

Staff Meeting Calendar 

End-Of-Semester Updates

(from Jess Deane)

As semester 1/quarter 2 comes to a close, here are a few things on the horizon:

Flex Block - You may want to have students self-assess on the 10.02 rubric one last time. You will give each student a final, summative score on 10.02 on your pink sheet (as well as including any other summative scores on other indicators). These sheets need to be turned in by the end of the day Tuesday January 18th.

Courses - I will share updates (and the slideshow) for scoring for the end of the semester (both for semester and full-year courses) next week.

1/17 Inservice Agenda

Please find the agenda here.  

The focus of the day will be the gift of TIME to work with your Department and individually in order to continue to maintain.  

2022 Exhibitions

End-of-year Exhibitions of Learning are on pause for 2022 due to circumstances outside of our control this year in regards to COVID and our continued need to focus on safety first.

Positive school climate and culture:



Assembly Update

We’re moving virtual for the time being.

Stand by for more details including the next date!

Welcome to Kylie Williams, our new Health Office Assistant.

I am a student in the Masters of Public Health program at UVM so I am very excited to get experience working in the health office here! I also am currently working as a therapy aide for inpatient rehab at UVMMC and have experience working in Moretown Elementary and Waitsfield Elementary as a group leader, substitute teacher, and behavior interventionist. In my free time I enjoy reading, yoga, and being with friends and family. I look forward to being back in my community and getting to know you all!

Welcome (back) to Steve Willis, our new Paraprofessional. Steve was a para with us about 7 years ago. It’s a pleasure to see him in the halls again. 

Welcome to Allie O’Hara! She is our new 504 Coordinator. Allie is a graduate from Johnson State College and most recently was a Social Emotional Learning Coach in Barton, VT. We’re happy to have her here!

Welcome to Hillary McAllister, our new Social Worker. 

I am very excited to be joining the Harwood community! I graduated with my BSW from the University of Vermont before completing my MSW at Boston College. I have worked in alternative school programming, residential settings, as well as outpatient. When not at work, I enjoy getting outdoors with my dog, Minot. I live over in Middlesex, made all the more obvious by my frequent trips to Red Hen Bakery.