Thursday, January 26, 2023

Harwood Staff Blog Update - January 26, 2023

Harwood Hacks

Music related: “What instrument is currently playing inside you right now?”, “What music or

song best represents your feelings right now?”, “If your mood could be represented by music

right now, what would it be?”

Team - 

Thanks to the Sunshine committee for spreading your good spirits with last Friday’s Bowling expedition.  Like the snow that finally graced us this weekend it was much needed after the gloomy weather we had returning from the December break.  

Whether it be bowling, reading by a warm fire, baking something yummy and/or enjoying outdoor activities in the snow I hope everyone’s spirit has been lifted this week!


Duane, Meg and Laurie 


  • 02/03 - No School for students (Staff inservice) 

  • 02/16 - Rising 9th grade Family Transition  Night 

  • 02/20 - 03/10 - Rwanda travel study

  • 02/27 - 03/07 - No School - February Vacation

  • 03/24 - No School 

  • 04/13 & 4/19 - Family/TA Conferences 


Staff Member



For your vigilance and incredible follow up to every task - we are so grateful to have you at Harwood!


For your follow up with every little and BIG thing you are asked to do from Instagram posts, weekly Blogs and Newsletters, updating Technology in the LRC and much more.


For your continued partnership and always going above and beyond for the Harwood community at large.


For your calm and positive demeanor and feedback during an IEP meeting. 


For your thoughtful feedback and consideration as you work with each of your individual students.

9th grade team

For your efforts to find time to meet in a meaningful way to support each other and collectively support our students.

Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:



Student Board Representatives - Maise Frankie, Jeswin Antony Naomi Myers and Dylon Mauro shared a great report last night about student perspective at Harwood - including on budget.  See the link here.

Student Support Collective

Update: As discussed at the 1/16 inservice, the student support collective is working with Starling this coming Monday 1/30/23. We will be reviewing a proposed timeline for the work this semester, including H1 Process, Non-Negotiables, DESSA, student partnership, and action plan related specifically to the “belonging” benchmark. We will be sharing out the visual timeline along with an agenda for staff dialogue relating to the timeline - in advance of the February 21st staff meeting.

Agenda and Notes - The Student Support collective would like to keep you updated on the things we are working on weekly. Please follow the link - and if you have any questions or want to learn more related to the notes/agenda items, please contact our team using this Email:

Update - Student Partnership Collective: We have heard lots of feedback on a desire for student voice and partnership. The Student Support collective is in the process of facilitating the development of an HUMHS Student Partnership Collective. Ellen and Melody met last week with adult HS club leaders (MS leaders on 1/30). They will be meeting with student club representatives during the ELO Double Block Thursday February 2nd. An email to club leaders and students will be forthcoming, and information will also be located in TA announcements.

UMATTER Follow up: Thank you again for your attention and participation in the UMATTER training during staff meeting. If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, needs - please don’t hesitate to reach out to your school counselors, Christina, Magge (Nurse), or Melody. Slides will be forthcoming. If you want any wallets or post cards with important contact information, please see Melody.

Student Support Services Daily Team

Update -  Middle School Student Hub: The Middle School teams in partnership with the Student Support team are in the process of creating a middle school student hub. Things are still in the works, but we continue to collaborate to best support all our students 7th-12th grade. This space is located by the MS math classrooms. When more information is available, we will share. This space will be available ONLY for middle school students.

FEEDBACK SURVEY: The Daily Student Services team would like your feedback on how things are going, how we are doing, what things are working, and things we can improve upon. Please take a moment to complete this brief survey to share your feedback so we can continue to improve our systems and best support you all and our students. 

Health Office Updates

Concussion: To follow up on the great Umatter® Suicide Prevention presentation by Mandy and Melody, we thought we’d share some more information on concussion and the broad impact it has on our students. Please take a moment to view this factsheet from the CDC. Come see us in the health office if you have concerns about a particular student.

A Fact Sheet For Teachers, Counselors, And School Professionals

TA update

***Registration continues for 9-11th grade students. See your TA slideshow for activities specific to your grade level***


Wellness Center

We are very excited to announce that you may begin to see student ambassadors “in- training” in the Wellness Center. These students have gone through an after school training program with Mosaic Bright Lights Advocacy program, as well as internal Harwood training and are preparing to support their peers in the Wellness Center. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this in the next few weeks and during the next assembly. Please reach out to Jen or Christina if you have any questions. 

Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



Staff Meeting 

ObjectivesTo identify what Self Direction performance indicators Harwood staff are currently teaching, assessing and why in order to inform our next steps.

Middle School Staff Objective:

Staff Meeting Calendar 

Where:  Library

When: 3:30 - 4:30 

Our next inservice day is 2/03.

Please find the schedule for the day here. 

Positive school climate and culture:



Hiring Update

It’s that time of year again - as we move forward we will continue to share new hires, open positions and hiring status.  


  • Special Educator - Tedin Lange  

  • Music Teacher - Name to be announced soon

This week:

  • English Teacher interviews began 

Posted positions:  

  • Athletic Director 

  • Math Teacher 

  • 1 year Math Teacher

  • 1 year Spanish Teacher 

  • Speech & Language Pathologist 

  • Para Educators 

Rwanda Travel Study Donations

Do you have any extra fabric, diverse children's books, or unused bars of soap?  Harwood’s Rwanda Travel Study program is going to Rwanda for three weeks this February, and we want to bring your extra goods!

While we are in Rwanda, our students practice ethnography by interviewing community members who work with local nonprofits. In return, we bring supplies that our partner organizations have requested. This year, A Friend Indeed is looking for fabric, unused bars of soap, and children's books. A Friend Indeed works to improve living conditions for single mothers, who are typically stigmatized in Rwandan society. One of their programs trains mothers to earn money by sewing clothing. Quilting cotton in increments of 1+ yards is preferred for clothing, and flannel can be used for menstrual pads.  

Please drop off diverse children’s books to Rachael Potts, unused bars of soap can be dropped off in the box in the main lobby, and please bring fabric to any of our chaperones by FRIDAY, 2/10.

Thank you in advance!

Tedin, Tara, Rachael, Paul, and Steve

Side Letter Approved re: Family Sick 

Friday, January 20, 2023

Harwood Staff Blog Update- January 19, 2023


Team -

Harwood Hacks

Pop culture or content related: “What one movie best describes your life right now?”, “what

cartoon character represents your mood?”, “what movie or book character do you relate to the

most right now?”

Team -

President Biden released his Proclamation of Martin Luther King Jr’s, Federal Holiday, 2013 statement this past Monday sharing the following:

The language of creating a beloved community resonates greatly as I think of OUR tireless efforts to create a community of belonging for all at Harwood.  From the increased restorative dialogues, to the diverse ELO series offerings, to the continued efforts to grow the traditions of Harwood (as evident from the Lantern Parade in December) - your spirit and commitment is powerful.

With ongoing gratitude for your partnership,

Laurie, Meg and Duane


  • 01/23 - Mid-year JumpRope reports emailed

  • 02/03 - No School for students (Staff inservice) 

  • 02/16 - Rising 9th grade Family Transition  Night 

  • 02/20 - 03/10 - Rwanda travel study

  • 02/27 - 03/07 - No School - February Vacation


Staff Member


Math Dep’t

For your hilarious puns in the course fair.

History Dep’t 

For your dedication to aligning your courses and openness to work through difficult discussions and varied perspectives.

Language Dep’t 

For your care of each other and providing coverage support during an unexpected and very difficult time.

Middle School Staff

The HUMS ski program completed its 2nd Ski, Ride and Shoe day at Sugarbush.  It takes a whole team to continue to make this a truly outstanding, engaging and community-supported event.  

Ray Daigle 

For the continued use of the HU trailer to transport our mountain equipment to sugarbush.  


For her leadership during the unexpected Fire alarm when the rest of the administrators were out of the building. 

Danielle Lillard

For jumping in at the front desk while Yvette and Liz are out. With no pre-training, you are nailing it!! 

Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:





For YOU!

When a fire alarm goes off and you are leaving your space please

  1. Ensure your door is unlocked (in order to decrease the amount of time it takes to sweep the building.)

  2. Bring your GO bucket outside with you (these have resources that might be needed/helpful depending on the outcome.)

IMPORTANT: Student Support Emails - Please do NOT include student names in the subject line of any email. When emailing student support, please use the first initial and last name written out, in the body of the email. This will ensure we continue to maintain confidentiality and comply with FERPA. 

Ex: Subject Line - Missing Students

Body - Missing - M. Frank, B. Bloom


Please continue to take attendance and submit it in the first 5 minutes of your class so that we may be as consistent and equitable with tardies and student support follow up for all students, 7th-12th grade. If a student is not present when you take attendance, please mark them accordingly. Thank you for your continued partnership and collaboration!

ELOs: Please ask students who are not signed up in your ELO to go to the assigned ELO. Please email student support if you have students in your class that are not supposed to be there. We will try our best to assist as speedily as possible. 

High School ELO Student Services Survey: Please encourage your students to complete the ELO Wellness/Mental Health/Restorative Survey. It is located in the daily TA announcements, and also on our Instagram page!

Middle School ELO Student Services - Middle School teachers, we will be eliciting your input for possible options for groups you think may be helpful, and that would address themes and patterns you are currently seeing. These conversations will be occurring in your next EST meetings. We look forward to your thoughts and ideas to help support our MS students.

TA update

Renewal and Reflection - The theme for January!

MLK Recognition: Thank you Sarah, Jen and Nick for the MLK Circle guide to support TA conversations following a viewing of the multimedia version of his “I Have a Dream”  speech (link). Hopefully you have all had time during TA to view the speech before the blog hits your inbox. If not the links are here to help you with this activity. 

Registration for grades 9-11 continues! Refer to your TA slideshow to see the activities that your students will be engaging in and when. Much appreciation for School Counseling for all of their hard work in supporting this process!!


Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



Staff Meeting 

Objectives:  To assess risk factors and warning signs of suicide in order to know how to respond if necessary, and when/how to connect with trained staff in your building so they can support next steps

Staff Meeting Calendar 

Where:  Library

When:  3:30 - 4:30 

Semester 1 Scores

Thank you for finishing and turning in your Semester 1 JumpRope scores by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday 1/20)!

Please DO NOT enter any scores for new assessments (those with a due date after 1/17) in JumpRope until we have notified you (by email) that JumpRope scores are downloaded and score reports have been sent.

ELO Series

Planning for ELO series for Quarter 3 is well under-way! The following ELO series will be offered to students starting the week of 1/30 (with a few other series starting up later in the quarter). More details, including the dates for all sessions, in this document.

  • One-Act Play-Writing Workshop with Jonah Ibson - 9th grade students will have the opportunity to discover their voice through the process of crafting a one-act play.

  • Poetry Out Loud with Jacki McCarty - Students who love poetry can prepare for the state Poetry Out Loud competition.

  • Cursive Writing with Ellen Parent - Students who want their handwriting to be less “chicken scratch” and more “Victorian socialite” can practice the basics.

  • Using a Graphic Calculator with Becky Allen - Any math student, but particularly AP Calc students, are encouraged to deepen their relationship with their calculator in this series.

  • SAT Math Practice with Jason Reichert and Darcy Buret - Students can come work on their SAT math practice problems and use the time to ask questions and work on practice tests.

  • Virtual Robot Programming with Kendra Christiana - In this series, students have the opportunity to learn basic programming skills in the VexVR environment, no experience necessary, to maneuver a virtual robot.

  • Additional wellness options coming soon from Student Support!

Information on what ELO series are, and what options are available, will be in the announcements next week and will be emailed to all students. To sign up, students can email the teacher to be pre-booked, or can book to it in Adaptive Scheduler on the first day of the series.

Our next inservice day is 2/03.

Please find the schedule for the day here. 

Positive school climate and culture:



Dear HUUSD Students and Staff,

Please fill the form below to the best of your knowledge using your own words.

I will be participating in the Child Nutrition Day at the State House. While there I will be advocating for school meals to continue to be free for all Vermont Students.

My plan is to use some of your comments in the materials I will be bringing to share with Legislators. Please note I will not share your names with them. 

Quotes might look like this (examples only):

"I love school meals" 9th grade student at Harwood High School

"My students are enjoying school meals this year" Teacher at Brookside Primary School

Thank you in advance for filling this survey. Let me know if you have any questions.


Erika Dolan

School Food & Nutrition Co-Director

Harwood Unified Union School District